Weddings, Events, & Catering

Cuba Lakes Golf Club offers a beautiful setting for all kinds of events such as weddings, birthdays, business luncheons, family reunions, showers and anniversaries.

Other services include catering, floral, food, photography, tux rental and event planning.

When selecting a catering company you are looking for excellent food, service and the ability to work with the enormity of the detail involved in your day.  For many brides, this day is a dream come true and we work with you and your family to help make this happen.  With Renee and her staff, we know this isn’t just our job.  Our whole staff works hard together to make this our passion and we take GREAT pride in what we do.  In preparing for your big event there are several questions that you should ask your caterer.


1) Can the caterer arrange for a tasting of the specific foods you’re interested in?
We take great pride in designing a menu custom to each individual client.  

We start by meeting withyou, get to know a little about you, your visions for your wedding or event, the time of day your wedding or event will be, how many people, etc.  By doing this we are able to create a custom menu specifically for your special occasion.  Following this we will set up a complimentary tasting, on a date of your choice, where you are able to sample the different menu items that you previously chose.  This tasting typically takes about an hour.  The last 30 minutes we will sit down with you, discuss everything that you tasted, and make any modifications to make sure that each item is exactly what you want. 



2) How involved is the caterer in a typical reception?  Does she work like a wedding coordinator or banquet manager, telling the couple when to cut the cake, or adjusting the schedule if guests don’t seem to be ready to sit down?
Catering is our specialty!  We have been a part of MANY different unique weddings and events! Making them run smooth is something we do best!  We train our staff to remember this special day and that we do anything and everything we are asked of.  We are capable of making almost anything possible!  We will be as involved as you would like us and want to make sure that you are able to be guests of your own event.


3) Will the caterer provide wait staff? Will they be professional?  Will they be dressed nice?
We spend many hours training our staff and making sure they know how to handle any situation.  It’s important to us to hire a great staff, because not only are they representing our company, but they are also apart of someone’s special day or event.  This is important to us and we make sure that we train them to do the best that they can.  Our staff is alwaysdressed in black pants, white shirts, and ties if needed.  We expect our staff to act and dress as if this were our own special event.


This is only a small preview of what sets us apart from other catering companies.  Our business has grown and we have learned a lot since we first started.  We continuously have compliments on our staff, food, venue, and making the impossible happen.  Not only is this our job, but our passion.  We love being a part of special events and making them the most memorable that we can.

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